Vertical lift gates and automatic gate operators

Vertical lift gate :

Vertical lift gate

The vertical lift gates are designed for larger applications where extremely large vehicles such as trucks and buses are present and there is no room to install a slide  gate or swing gate. The vertical lift gate raises to a full 16 high opening in as quickly as 8 seconds and up to 80 foot wide gate panels allow for efficient and quick response for larger vehicles. They come in a variety of continuous duty operational models. Many Federal, State and local governments use this form of entry gate systems at mini-storage facilities, residential estates and gated communities. A standard vertical lift gate can vary in length from 24 to 26 feet and in height up to 8 feet. Lift gate choices vary widely from arched estate to Chain Link styles in steel or aluminum. All of the safety and entry devices that you find with sliding or swinging gate types are readily available with lift gates. Custom and solar gates are also available. All safety features including Fire and Police Entry systems work well with these gates. Lift Gates can be UL 325 rated and all access control systems are compatible as well as vehicle loop detection and safety systems. The gates themselves can be equipped with many various materials to include anti climb material. Reliability, safety, security and speed  of operation standpoint. In addition to these benefits, the low maintenance and high reliability of operation for this type of gate system proves a plus that is tough to pass up when considering the needs of an estate or high volume gated community. Again the only minus point is the initial one time cost to purchase and install these units.


  • High security
  • High cycle
  • Wide openings
  • Quick open and close
  • Reliability


  • Compatible with all available access control, safety, vehicle detection
  • Battery back up optional solar ready
  • Gate forced open
  • Smart touch controller / Remote access and control


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